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Make the Global Pledge in your Classroom !
Since the late 1980's students around the World have been saying the Global Pledge and making this a better, healthier & safer world for all !
The History of the Global Pledge
The Global Pledge in the Classroom
The Global Pledge ~ Take Action !
Global Pledge ~ Global Connections
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I Pledge Allegiance to the Planet Earth !
Jerry Schmeer ~ Global Knights
The GLOBAL PLEDGE ~  The Global Knights
Are you a Global Knight ?

1)  A Global Knight says, lives and shares the Global Pledge each day.

2)  A Global Knight lives by a code of honor ~ respecting the people, animals, and resources that they share this planet with.

3)  A Global Knight leads by example and does their very best to help and protect those who our less fortunate or unable to protect themselves.

4)  A Global Knight treats all fairly and equally and does not listen to the prejudice or bias of others.

5)  A Global Knight seeks facts and truths for themselves.

6)  A Global Knight has great confidence in themselves  ~ for they know that each positive small action that they take makes this a better, healthier and safer world for all !

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