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The Story of the 100th Monkey !
Information, Intelligence,
Wisdom & Discovery
Information is important, but knowledge, intelligence and wisdom come from your own personal discovery.

Today we receive information from so many sources; television, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, teachers; family members, friends, and the Internet.  Often we receive so much information it can be hard to process and remember it all.

That is actually a good thing; for information is not knowledge.

Knowledge comes from your own personal discovery.

  It is important to know that just because you hear something on the news, or read something in a magazine, or hear something from a friend; that information may not necessarily true or correct.

Often you will find that that this information as actually someone's opinion of a person, or a situation, or just someone else's opinion that this person is passing on to you.

When you can, always try to verified the information you hear for yourself; often from multiple sources.  By making a practice in your life you become more knowledgeable of the world around you.

Choosing to question information before just believing it makes you a more intelligent person.

If you practice this process over you lifetime will gain great wisdom.

The power of questioning.

Almost all discoveries, all inventions, all major changes in the world around you came from someone asking a question.

"How can I make this better?"

"How can I solve this problem?"

"What might be another way to do this?"

"Is that really true?"

"What if I saw this from the other side?"

What if they are incorrect?"

Using the power of good questions you can make this a better world for all.
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