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Make the Global Pledge in your Classroom !
Since the late 1980's students around the World have been saying the Global Pledge and making this a better, healthier & safer world for all !
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The Global Pledge in the Classroom
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I Pledge Allegiance to the Planet Earth !
What is the first thing I/we should do?

The very first thing you should do; either by yourself or as a class, is decide what you are most interested in.  It is very important that you work in an area that you are passionate about and want to change for the better.

Are you interested in creating peace around the world?   Are you interested in making your local neighborhood better?    Are you interested in feeding the hungry?    Are you interested in stopping violence or bullying at your school.

An you interested in saving the environment, planting trees, or recycling?  Are you interested in saving an endangered animal?  Are you interested in making your local neighborhood better? 

Whatever you decide to do, you will make this better world for all.

What should be our first action?

Although, it may not seem like much, one of the very first thing you should do to make this a better world is to become more knowledgeable on the subject of your interest.


If you are interested creating PEACE around the world, and you hear about a war in Afghanistan; find it on a world map, a globe, or on the Internet.  Learn a little of Afghanistan history;  find more about its people;  and learn about some of the issues that are causing the war to take place.  When you can,  always try to find multiple sources for your information, for depending where your information is coming from, you may find it to be the information to be incorrect; or inaccurate.

After you have learnt a little about the country, see if you can find a way to communicate with the people in that country. Can you write to students in that country?   Are there leaders you can contact and share how you feel about the situation, or ways you feel they can improve the situation?  Are there organization you can contact?   Are there things you can donate or give to them?  Are there people in your country that need to know more about this situation?  Can you write a letter to you local or national Newspaper or Television Station to make them more aware of the situation?  Can you find other student in your country to help in your efforts?





Some Quick Global Information Resources
***** REMEMBER *****
All Information Sources contain some bias, so it is always important to use multiple sources to gain your information.
How can I live the "Global Pledge" each day?

Although it is import to say the "Global Pledge" each day, it is even more important to engage in small, but daily actions that will help make this a better world for all.

It is also important for you to know that these action do not have to be big actions.
Have you ever drop a stone in a pond and watched the ripple of waves in the water that come out from the center?

Your small action can work very much the same way and travel around the world as others join you in what you are doing.
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